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Pursue profit targets without setting Take Profit limits

Pursue profit targets without setting Take Profit limits

Have you ever tried how to chase profit targets in forex or stock trading without setting a take profit limit? If you have never tried it, I suggest you try it soon, because it is more profitable.

According to the experience of some traders who follow the method of trading without setting a stop profit limit, they think that this method of trading has its own advantages and advantages compared to the method of trading by placing a stop profit limit.

Profit Targets Without Setting Take Profit Limits

According to them, how to trade without setting a stop profit limit is the same as opening up more opportunities or opportunities to pursue bigger profit targets every day.

However, to achieve large profit targets every day, we have to close trading positions manually, and this also requires additional work time in monitoring price movements on charts and changes in signals shown by trading indicators. that we put on the chart.

It sounds like a difficult and tiring job, but the results are much better because the profit generated is also quite a lot.

How to trade chasing profit targets every day without stop profit limits, very suitable for beginner traders who are just starting trading with small capital and want big profits every day.

Therefore, you must try it, or if necessary, you must get used to trading without placing a stop profit limit. Because based on logic, when is the trading profit we want, we must limit the amount by placing a stop profit.

This is information about how to trade safely to achieve profit targets every day. Hopefully it can help improve all of our trading strategies.

the final word

For those of you who want to get your maximum profit, sometimes you don't need to limit profits, which of course will be your benchmark, so you have a limit on the profit you want.

This one thing, of course, you have to pay attention to as something that will later become a positive thing, especially when you are trading.

Maybe that's all the discussion this time, I hope it helps and good luck!

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