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The right time to make transactions in the forex market

The right time to make transactions in the forex market

As a trader who wants to be safe from losses and always profit every day in trading, you must know the right time to enter the market before you make a transaction to open a Buy or Sell position.

In this case you have to be patient waiting for the moments that have a high chance of making profits with a high degree of accuracy.

Some professional traders usually take advantage of certain moments as the right time to make transactions to open positions so they can gain the profit they target every day.

Examples of the right time to make profitable trading transactions are:

  • At the time when the two moving average indicator lines crossed. -The transition or change in the direction of the price movement trend in the forex market is usually known through technical analysis on the Moving average indicator, where the two moving average lines that we put on the trading chart have crossed.
  • It should be noted here that the best and most appropriate time to make a transaction to open a trading position is at the beginning or at the beginning of a change in trend direction. We can find out by looking at the recent crossing of the two small-period Moving Average lines that cross or cut Moving average lines for large periods, so that your trading transactions will have more chances to generate large profits, because the trend shift can last a long time and go far up or down.
  • When the new stochasic oscillator indicator shows a buy or sell signal which coincides with the right price position being in the buy or sell area according to the Bollinger Bands indicator instructions. You need to pay attention and remember here, namely that the stochastic oscillator indicator signal that is most profitable for you to follow is a signal Buy or Sell on TF from M15, M30, and H1 if you trade using the Scalping technique.
  • When the MACD Indicator has shown the Oversaturated Buy or Sell price limit when the price is right at the highest or lowest level.

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